Teach Every Kindergartner Chess

Your Donation Makes a Difference

For every $10 donated, we will distribute a chess starter package to a kid.

What Each Chess Starter Package Includes:

  • A magnetic chess set
  • A QR code that parents can scan to gain free access to resources for parents

These resources educate the parents on how to guide their kids on their chess journey:

  • From beginning chess
  • To play monthly tournaments
  • To self-study tools
  • To become a Grandmaster
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Every $10 Counts

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A Seed Of Difference
1000GM Magnetic
Chess Sets

At 1000GM Chess Foundation, we are dedicated to providing young minds with the tools they need to excel in chess. Our initiative ensures every $10 donation contributes to distributing magnetic chess sets to children, complete with resources to kickstart their chess journey.

Magnetic Chess Sets

High-quality magnetic chess sets designed for ease of use and durability.

Curated Resources

Each set includes a QR code providing access to free educational resources and parental guides.


Our mission is to teach every kindergartner chess by distributing a starter kit. It includes a pocket magnetic chess set with a QR code that leads parents to resources that help them teach their kids chess.

There are 4 million Kindergartners in the USA spread across 64000 schools. The ambitious mission is

  • to raise sufficient funds,
  • manufacture enough sets
  • and distribute them.



When we teach all kindergartners chess for 13 years in a row, every kid from K-12 would be literate in chess.

When you understand a game, you can become a fan of the game.

Chess content will be watched by 50 million families.


100% Chess Literacy among kindergartners

Spread awareness of this mission by partnering with streamers, celebrities, school principals, Parent Teacher Associations, wealthy philanthropists and social media influencers.

Raise $40 Million through crowd-funding, wealthy philanthropists, grants and corporate sponsorship.

Manufacture the sets and distribute them to all 64,000 schools.

All 4 million kids learn chess.


Empowering Young Minds with the Support of Celebrities

At 1000GM Chess Foundation, we are dedicated to nurturing the talents of young chess enthusiasts. Our mission is supported by renowned celebrities who believe in the power of chess to transform lives.

  • Inspire children through celebrity-hosted chess events.
  • Provide top-notch resources and guidance with celebrity backing.
  • Create memorable experiences that motivate and engage young players.
“Manny Pacquiao”
“Amari Cooper”
“Sebastian Siegel”

We Appreciate the Generous Support of Our Supporters

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